Global Sustainable Village

The Global Sustainable Village (GSV) is an on-campus re-creation of authentic living spaces that integrate sustainable innovations in humanitarian development. GSV is a full scale representation of the work we do in conjunction with community and international partners. 

When constructed, GSV will be a hands-on experiential learning environment for students where innovations can be piloted, tested, communicated, and service learning scenarios re-created. 

Read more about the specifics surrounding the GSV here!

The Global Sustainable Village at Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory on the Ohio State Columbus campus will feature:

Outreach and Education Center

An area for our partners (academic, K-12, industry, NGO) to convene around the theme of sustainable community development. Here, we will be able to communicate the present context of community development. 

Innovation Laboratory

This indoor laboratory will be an area for prototype development. 

Key Objectives

One of the key objectives for the GSV is its ability to better communicate the context of development to students and stakeholders alike. It will also serve to provide a seamless enviroment for sustainable developement that bridges the gap between laboratory investigation and field introduction. The GSV will bring together partners in development and foster dialog and collaboration.